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Consumer Tips

Consumer Tips

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We can't live without consumption in daily life, so how can we achieve reasonable consumption and scientific consumption without falling into the scam of consumption? The following consumption tips tell you:

1、Focus on scientific consumption

2、Beware of false discounts by merchants

3、Choose prepaid consumption carefully

4、Watch out for appliance repair cottages

5、There are pitfalls in car consumption, and you need to be careful when buying a car

6、Street lottery must be cautious, be vigilant and avoid risks

7、To master the basic knowledge of screening products

8、Have an objective understanding of e-commerce-specific products

9、To choose a secure website for payment transactions

10、To develop good network operation habits

11、Pay attention to the following aspects when the elderly consume health products

12、Ten furniture warnings

13、Don't forget to check the production date when buying home appliances

14、Travel consumption tips

1、Travel agency qualifications need to be clear

2、Beware of low-cost tour groups

3、Travel contract to be signed

4、Outbound travel security deposits must be escrow, related bills must be kept

5、Tourism consumption must be rational

6、Pay attention to traffic safety

7、Rational rights protection should be in accordance with law

If the negotiation is unsuccessful, you can make a complaint to the "12301" National Tourism Service Hotline ("I Want to Complain and Report" section of the National Tourism Administration's official website, "12301" WeChat public account) or the tourism complaint handling agency where the organization is located.

It is worth noting that travel complaints are time-sensitive, and the time limit for complaints is 90 days after the end of the contract.

15、Consumers pay attention when dry cleaning clothes

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